Monday, May 15, 2006

the deadliest couple this side of the galaxy

Aerik so graciously provided me with a means to design the superhero I wished to become once I’m radiated with a creature of some sort. The Hero Machine. Several hours and many heroes later I had forgotten why I originally went to this glorious machine. But I had created a sexy alien bounty hunter couple - Ixclara III and Ninjeremy 12. And yes all of my creations have to have my name in it. Jeremy thinks it’s narcissistic but I just think it’s a fabulous name. He shouldn’t complain tho, at least I gave the guy his name. He was almost Lord Clarington OmegaBuff.

Anyway Ninjeremy 12 is the best tracker in the business - there is no escaping him. He will hunt you down like a
boar-wolf. However it’s his common-law smizmar that does the actual catching. Using a combination of her feminine wiles and kick-ass firepower Ixclara III always gets her um, entity. No one is safe from this luscious antennaed duo. Not even you! So watch out. Although you'd probably enjoy the experience. I mean look at her! And him. Mmmm.

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