Thursday, May 18, 2006

hunh. where am i...

I think mayhaps my brain is not quite working. Even tho I now have internet at home I don’t post on the weekends. It’s a little vacation I guess. The last two days have felt like the weekend. When I wake up I feel no urge to post, while on weekdays (usually) I feel the pull of routine drag me over to the computer and start my thought processes thoughting. Thinking. Yikes. Maybe it’s something thyroid, or rather non-thyroid related. But maybe I’m just pulling out the cancer card again in a desperate attempt to maintain readers without actually posting something worth reading. Meh. I feel like just laying on the couch and reading romance novels. Maybe watch a little Days of Our Lives. Gasp! Is that the time? It’s almost on.

I’ll try to come up with something good later. Maybe after I shower I’ll be more clear-headed. Hmmm. I wasn’t going to shower today but what the hell. Just for you.

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