Friday, July 7, 2006

anniversary of the blessed event - quarter of a century

Yes it’s Jeremy’s birthday today. The title of this post is actually how today is referred to. Mostly by Jeremy himself but still, word gets around. I made the mistake of saying ‘it’s not your birthday yet’ yesterday and was treated to a frosty glare and told that it was his birthday week. I must confess I subscribe to that same philosophy, especially around the end of January (my birthday you dolts – Jan 29th mark it down). Anyway I got all of Jeremy’s present s some time ago, when I had money. It’s a good thing I did too, otherwise he’d be getting a Clara coupon book. No nothing dirty, more like ‘good for one Clara shutting up’. And no I can't claim that bright idea as my own. I stole it from his sister. Anyhoo I thought I should share some Jeremy with the rest of you – in celebration. Or because misery loves company, whichever.

There is a picture I drew of Jeremy when we first started dating the second time around. Yes that is my fabulous signature – don’t go stealing my identity now. You’ll notice the squiggle after my name – it’s a daisy. I’ve signed my name with one ever since grade 8 (every time I sign it) and that’s why there is an asterisk after Clara every time I type it. Close enough eh? Anyway I’d better get back to Jeremy or he’ll have my head. Or pout. Most likely pout.

We can see Jeremy as a young boy in all his adorableness, posing prettily for the camera as he still does today…which we can see in the photo of Jeremy wearing a cropped hoodie. I remember taking this and threatening to post it and I believe he said I couldn’t, he would kill me or some such thing. However I have no such notice in writing, therefore, voila. So happy birthday my love, you always amuse me and are the perfect subject for sharpening my wit/claws. You always fight back. Mwah.

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