Friday, October 13, 2006


Jeremy does not like to talk about things. I am one of the horrible girlfriends who will ask things out of the blue like – what’s your favourite thing about me? Evil I know. Anyway last night I’m feeling stressy and crummy and I want to discuss things. When this happens Jeremy will be affectionate and playful, trying to distract me and change the subject. This drives me crazy. And not in the good way.

So last evening was spent by me grumbling, him playing and distracting me for brief periods of time. I kept at him until I got some words out of him. I was so pleased I told him how much better I felt when we communicated. He started laughing and said that it in his recent job interview when they asked him how his communication skills were he laughed and said ‘ Well my girlfriend thinks they’re awful. Hahahaha. Professionally though they’re good.’

Gasp! I was appalled. I told him I couldn’t believe he said that.

His reply? ‘Hey I got the job didn’t I?'

Touché jerkface. Touché

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