Monday, February 5, 2007

shameless plugs

And no I’m not talking about hair extensions or sex toys. I’m talking about the two things that dominated my weekend. A series of books by Robin D. Owens and World of Warcraft. The books are a romance series, obviously, about Celtic descendants who go to another planet and develop highly powerful psychic abilities. It’s so awesome. I read THREE of these books on Saturday. She picks the two most perfectly imperfect people to put together. Wonderful. Needless to say, Jeremy felt very neglected. Although I must point out that he amused himself by playing World of Warcraft for hours on end.

Now I say this affected my weekend as well, and it did. I would watch him play for bits and pieces and we’ve decided that as soon I get my new computer (ordered a laptop, should be here soon – eeeeeeee!), I’ll start up an account myself. So Jeremy gave me information on classes, races and professions – so I can plan my character. Then we can play together online. Sad I know, considering we can easily interact in real life as we live together but I can guarantee you we will end up sitting in diff4erent rooms and playing together. Ah well. We used to talk to each other on messenger in University and we lived down the hall from one another. Heh. But I digress. After long and careful consideration, I’ve decided to be a human paladin. I think it suits me. Plus I’ll be totally hot. I was just playing around with the ‘design a character’ area until something jumped out at me. Before I started I was sure I would end up with something totally exotic, flaming red locks or pale skin, dark eyes and red lips. I ended up with a pretty girl with light brown hair and the healthy glow of someone who spends a lot of time outdoors. You can take the girl off the farm……

Ah well. I can’t wait to start playing. I’m a little frightened though, because Jeremy has become totally obsessed and I’m notoriously worse than him when it comes to video games. Yikes.

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