Friday, June 20, 2008

clara….voice of the people

Well my massive influence and typewritten wit have finally paid off.

I got an email that I assumed was spam…’hip and influential’ may have been mentioned.

I was immediately suspicious.

Luckily I responded and was gifted with a product to try and samples to give to friends. Not only that, it came in a nifty tin with a light up compact! This is right up my alley.

My sisters and I are a product review committee on our own; whenever we get together there is at least an hour of showing new things we’ve bought, sharing and reviewing them. We love it. The majority of beauty stuff I buy (which is a LOT…heh) is carefully researched on makeupalley and the like. There’s just too much stuff out there these days.

But I digress. Sort of.

So I’m currently trying out brand spanking new Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips. I’m assuming I get a dollar every time I say that…. I wonder how much I’ll get for posting a picture? Hee hee….

But seriously I haven’t even tried them yet but the shiny packaging and free samples have swayed me favorably. I watched the how to apply video on the website and am going right for the hard core test – wearing them at work. As soon as I have my afternoon tea I’m going to pop a set of these bad boys in and take 'em for a spin here at the office. We’ll see if I sound like Carol Channing....

Remember when she was on sesame street? I loved that one. Wicked.

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