Wednesday, December 24, 2008

please stay off the ttc…

…if you are an asshole.

Unsure if you fall into this unpleasant category? Well ask yourself these questions:

• Are you unreasonably angry when you are touched by another human being on a crowded subway?
• Do you voice your discontent to the general public/offending person/your loud and similarly obnoxious friend?
• Do you ram your way on the subway car and stop moving as soon as you are safely aboard, with no thought to the hopeful passengers behind you?
• Do you make a mad dash to get off the train, throwing elbows and not saying ‘excuse me’?
• Do you lean against a pole rather than hanging on, so that no one else can use it?
• Do you argue at full volume with the bus driver/booth attendant?
• Do you leave your backpack or huge purse on so that it may hit other people, often rubbing their backsides inappropriately?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, congratulations – you are an asshole. Please drive or take a taxi.

Sure there are a lot of annoying things people do on public transit, its part of it. Don’t be surprised when it’s crowded or you get jostled, hundreds of thousands of people take the TTC each day. If a driver asks you to pay or stop listening to loud music, just do it. Make a complaint later if need be but don’t sit there and argue with them, you won’t win and you’ll just delay everyone else.

Now I’m sure we’ll all continue to run into assholes on the TTC, and I’m equally sure that I and other passengers will continue to be disgusted or amused at the ignorance displayed. However I must ask, as ineffectual as the plea may be – please, please for the love of public decency take a taxi and spare us.

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