Sunday, March 22, 2009


We are happy to say that we were are the proud new parents of a rescue pup, she’s from a pound in Ohio. Take Me Home will pull pooches out of shelters all over the place and put them in foster homes until loving people’s, such as us, come along to adopt them. Our girl is a black lab beagle mix, as far we we know; she's a year old and is pretty much full grown.

We're working on a name, we've decided on either Nymphadora Tonks (Tonks for short) or Bellatrix (Bella). Any input dearies?

We went out to a friend's last night, we wanted to give her space to get settled, plus as she will be on her own for several hours on weekdays we didn't want it to be a shock on Monday when we both leave.

When we left we just calmly went out the door, not making a big goodbye scene - she still noticed and was at the door when we left. She whimpered once, maybe twice, then was quiet. We got back a little later then we wanted, we were basically gone for as long as we will be away at work. I was a little nervous as we approached - would there be poo? A destroyed couch?

When we came in, again calmly not rushing to her right away, she was sitting on the couch watching TV. We examined the place and found one chewed up kleenex. That was it. I think that she was genetically engineered to be a perfect lady!! Except for a little gas (which Jeremy reassured her foster mom was no big deal, as I was gassy myself).

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