Monday, July 27, 2009

Pulse Perfection Mascara

Once again I have the distinct pleasure of trying a new product and giving my opinion. This time I got extra product to share and get more reviews on. This time it was Maybelline's new vibrating masacara - Pulse Perfection. I handed out the mascara to all my ladies – sisters, pseudo sisters in-law, co-workers, bosses etc. Here’s what they thought:

“Found the formula very wet so it clumped if I wasn't careful, but it made my eyelashes look glossy and long. Good for an "every day" look.”

“For the record, there is no difference between normal mascara and vibrating mascara when you jab it into your eyeball”

Really wet and dramatic. A little fussy to use but good.”

“The actual mascara seems very liquidy, and my lashes stick together like when you come out of the pool. I tried only holding the vibrating part at the base for a second and then pulling it through the length of the lashes without the vibration, but it still took a long time to get my eyelashes separated. It might be because of my lashes. They're really long, but very thin. I never have any trouble saturating my lashes, but I need bulk to add to the thickness. When I wash it off tonight, I'll let you know what I think about that process.”
“did not like the vibrating part. the mascara it self and the brush I liked.”


“I use it without the vibration and I like it.” “I don’t like extra steps to get the same result.”

“tried it once so far and I think it's great!”

I concur for the most part. I loved the mascara and the brush…but the vibrating really didn’t add anything. I tested it on the back of my hand swiping with the vibrating and without. No difference. I did one eye with, one without and quizzed everyone I saw that day. No one could tell them apart.

Whether I used the vibrating function or not I got especially long, very glossy lashes. That is probably the best thing about it. Glossy lashes. I sort of noticed it, then I went and tried some of my other mascaras again (yes I have many) before going back to the Maybelline. Wow no comparison. I think they should drop the vibrating aspect (and the price) and market it as super gloss for lashes. They could even up the glossy factor. It’s something unique I’ve never gotten from another mascara. I’m not shocked that the mascara itself is a great formula; Maybelline seems to always deliver when it comes to mascara.

So bottom line? Love it, but don’t need the vibration.

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