Tuesday, April 20, 2010

happy discovery

So I was perusing some boxes in the apartment, specifically one labeled ‘Purses and Laser Guns’ (really sums us up I think), and I found a little notepad. Now I have more notebooks and pads than anything else. Really. They are all filled with reminders, drunken poetry, score tallies from games, short stories, doodles and dream fragments. A nice mix. I was strolling down memory lane with this little notebook when I came across a poem that I actually really like still. I probably wrote it in a few minutes and may or may not have been drunk. Judging by the legibility I would say sober to mostly sober. Sure there are a few things I’d tweak now but for posterity’s sake I’ll put it down in original context.

Ladies and Gennelmen, I present to you:

Ode to Mario

Red and blue
Little you
So vulnerable to harm
Super power, fire flower
They cower from
Your wrath.

Mario, oh Mario
You know not
What lies ahead
And yet you 

Gaping maws
Of Koopa jaws
Foul turtle shell
A living hell
Amidst a dungeon trap

To save so sweet
A  princess peach
And mushroom headed friend.

Neither fire, water, sky nor earth
Can stop the brothers Super
Yoshi thy steed
And noble deed
Shall vanquish terrible Bowser.

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