Tuesday, August 31, 2010

fanexpo 2010

One of many conventions and ubergeekery I have experienced (and have yet to experience) this year is the Fan Expo. Yes there was some nerd rage, and yes I wrote a few people and complained and that’s why I was interviewed – BUT, since Hobbystar seems to have apologized and have already booked a larger venue for next year I can revel in the good things and overcome my righteous indignation.

So anyway here are some highlights for me, aside from all the pretty comics and toys I bought.
Me and my new bff Heather Langenkamp. She was very nice and gave me a poster for ever Sleep Again once she found out I didn't get one when I ordered my copy online. Love. If I ever need backup I want Nancy there kicking ass and taking names!

Summer Glau being awesome. Again, she'd be a great addition to my badass chick gang.

Felicia Day as lovely as ever. Did you know Jeremy doesn't see why everyone is in love with her/thinks she's hot? Cramazy! I would date her. She's the type of girl you could take home to your mother.
Jeremy was horrified that I used the example of BASEketball for movies Ernest Borgnine was in. For a long and prosperous career it does seem trite, but I love that movie.

Michael Dorn! He was a little tired by the time Jeremy got to meet him for an autograph. But still. WORF!!!
I didn't know what to ogle Lance Henriksen for so I just gave an overall sigh of delight. Ahhh...
A delightful DeLorean - Mr. Fusion included
Jeremy in one of the Nostromo's hibernation chambers. Once in we were treated to an Alien montage that got us stoked* for the blu-ray release.

Princesses of the Mario variety; great costumes.
More excellent costumes, some of my personal favourites, Sailor Scouts! I saw a Queen Serenity too

And finally, my pièce de résistance - me waiting for Dean Winchester to get back to the car so we could go fight demons, listen to classic rock and make out.
*I don't actually use the word stoked in my daily lexicon; I do it when it will annoy a friend of mine. She hates it. Tee hee.

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