Tuesday, January 11, 2011

clara on a soapbox - the email i sent protesting dog culling. For Robine, Hood and Aiden

Dear Bobby Woods and Rob Clarke,

I was horrified to learn about the dog culling practices that lead to the deaths of family pets Robine, Hood and Aiden in Buffalo Narrows. I can't believe this is happening in Canada. I understand that feral dogs are an issue in northern communities but there are other solutions besides shooting dogs in the street. Yes that is probably the easiest - are we really discarding our ethics and morals because it is easy? Legally dogs need to be held for 72 hours according to the Saskatchewan Stray Animal Act, why were these three dogs shot and thrown in a dump within 24 hours of being found missing from their fenced backyard area. I look at my beloved family pet, a beagle/newfoundland mix who was in fact rescued from the streets in the US. Imagine if they practiced this in the community where she was found? I would never have her in my life, her short life ended in a landfill. Then I picture Hood, the dog who had a bullet hole between its eyes as it turned to face the threat to his pack. I cannot contain my grief. I am so disappointed in Canada for allowing this.

There are points that you made that are valid Mr. Mayor, such as limited funds and public safety. Absolutely valid. However as I said before just because it's difficult doesn't mean we give up. Have you appealed to the province, the country for aid? If so and you were denied tell the public - we will put our outrage at this practice towards that end. Have you asked local property owners to foster dogs for 72 hours so you are not breaking the law by taking away the chance for owners to claim the animals? Have you instituted fines and penalties for those who do not spay or neuter their pets? Punish the people who cause the problem not the animals who are a result of such callous negligence. Have you asked the province or country for more frequent veterinary services, perhaps even subsidized to encourage people to do the right thing? Between subsidized vet costs and stiff penalties for not having their pet spayed or neutered I am confident that you would have great results. This would save unwanted animals from an undignified death in the street, and innocent children from mauling and death by feral dogs.

Mr. Clarke, Mayor Woods, I beg you - have compassion for life. It is precious and it is not easy.

But it is worth fighting for.

Give your support on facebook - Justice for Robine, Hood and Aiden.

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nadia said...

A very strong and well articulated letter. Thank you Clara for giving a voice for all the unnamed dogs left in land fills everywhere.