Sunday, February 20, 2011

death of a shardmind

Alas I am finished. My dear Psion has perished. It was an epic moment. Azure (short for A Surface of Fine Azure-Tinted Reflection With Pyroxin Dendritic Inclusions) was a Shardmind in our current D&D campaign.

Our DM was kind enough to film the final roll.

You will be missed. Though your morally upright decisions may have hindered everyone else at times.



I was once a fragment of a large crystal monolith. It was brilliantly blue, which is why I call myself Azure. It is the colour of energy I am most comfortable radiating.

Followers of Vecna discovered this before Ioun’s Collectors, and began studying the ancient shard. During this time several shards were mined and taken for examination, of which I was one. During the following decades I slowly became aware of my existence and separateness from the energy I was once a part of. I started feeling an urgency to regain this, and an even greater power that I felt in my core was part of my purpose. Over this time I was traded, stolen, sold, lost and found. My age is unknown but it has been centuries since I became fully sentient and began living in a humanoid form. I am usually androgynous in appearance but can shift to a more female or male look by necessity or mood. I would like to revisit the Azure monolith I was spawned from; I have no knowledge of where this is. I gleaned my tale of origin from information overhead in my journey to consciousness. Any other fragments from this crystal are of interest to me as well. Though the chances are infinitesimal, I wonder if there were any other shardminds birthed from the same psionic energy of that monumental shard.

I believe in Ioun’s philosophies; to share knowledge is for the benefit of all. However I have a secret gratitude to Vecna’s followers, and subsequently Vecna, for starting my path to sentience. I do not agree with the hoarding of knowledge, it will only weaken the world in its fight to repel the far realm.

Like all other Shardminds my driving goal is to rebuild the living gate. I associate most freely with the thought builders and consider myself one to a certain degree. I travel anywhere I sense psionic energy, gathering shards with the hope of sealing the far realm away forever. I conduct my own experiments, and also correspond with several thought builder communities to share discoveries and information. I do not stay among them as I have recently felt a strange hollowness, which the years have revealed to be doubt. I fear that we will never discover a way to rebuild the living gate, that it is in fact not possible. The one thing that can stem the flow of aberration that should be wiped clean from existence may never function again. I live daily with my faith and scepticism, which wears on me. I do not allow this to show to others.

While I do not need sleep I rest when I can, disbanding my humanoid form allowing my energy to flow freely throughout my shards. I am fully aware during this time and can reform quickly should danger approach.

My goal and plans for the future remain singular – rebuild the living gate. All else is coloured by this need, uncertainty aside.

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