Sunday, June 12, 2011

terrible human

Poor Tonks! We forgot our Tonkiversary this year. March 21st was two years with this precocious mutt. I just told Jeremy it was the best thing we ever did. Ever.

Now we just need more! I keep emailing Jeremy dogs from Petfinder that Tonks desperately wants but Jeremy says that she likes being the only dog. In reality I think she falls somewhere in between.

Fostering is an option, that would satisfy my need to save dogs in shelters from being euthanized, and we'd get to know a whole bunch of doggies while helping them find their forever homes. Every time we could make room for a someone it's one more dog off death row that has time to find it's humans. Shmoo. Think of all the fun they'd have together!

The biggest problem will be saying goodbye to the dogs when they get adopted. This may be a slippery slope that ends with me on the news for taking over my apartment building with hundreds of dogs. I think the technical term is 'foster failure" (when you adopt the dog you are fostering, it's a good kind of fail) but in this case it would be more like starting a new society with dogs in charge and I start speaking only in barks and growls.

OR I dress them all up and have massive tea parties! Happy belated Tonkiversary Nymphadora Tonks.
Oh and happy belated seven year anniversary Jeremy. Just thought I'd get that in there while I was at it.

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