Monday, August 27, 2012

jury dutes

Today is day one of my adventure on a jury selection panel. Now I searched online so I knew what to expect and where to go and found some helpful blog entries, but thy were missing things for he truly anxious. So here goes: I was summoned to 361 University Ave, room 167 (listed as groundrm167 on the summons). The courthouse is smallish and set back from the road with trees and a fountain in front. Someone told me 'you can't miss it' well you can and I did so I'm giving details that are probably boring for the rest of you but for those anxiously waiting their day in court so to speak  I'm  sure you'll appreciate the extra details. When you enter the building there is an x-ray thing for you bag and a metal detector to go through, once you've navigated that it's off to room 167. It's straight down the hall on your right. You have to go through a couple sets of interior doors but here is  clear signage saying 'Jury Duty Room 167'. There will probably be a line to get in on the first day. When you enter the room here will be someone at a table on your left who will take your summons sheet (make sure you fill it out beforehand) and check you off a list. That's it so far for me. There are tv monitors mounted on pillars and I've heard whispers of a video about our civic duty that we watch on the first day. Hopefully that means I don't have to be here for 8:30 tomorrow. Not that Tonks will let me sleep in.

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