Sunday, October 28, 2012

4:06 am

So Tonks gets me up super early for a walk, not a big deal since I went to bed at six last night. I meant to have a quick nap ( like 2 hours or so) but it was just so cozy.

I love when Halloween is in the middle of the week. There are parties from the Friday before until the day of, and when you walk your dog at interesting times you see some interesting things. Jeremy came home on Friday and said 'Wow I have never seen so many slutty cats'. I totally thought he meant stray cats that were all in heat. It was ladies heading out to the bars.

Anyway the point of the story is this, I was walking Tonks enjoying the escapades of the drunk people walking home when I saw something magical. There we were having a pee (well Tonks not me), when we saw it - stumbling widely down the sidewalk. Where those skinny jeans? Wait was that a blue bikini bottom? Batman?



Spiked suspenders, pointy ears, grey face paint and all. Made my day.

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