Monday, January 28, 2013

the future is now!

Last night I was reading my Kobo while lying on my side in bed, turning the page with an infinitesimal pinky extension. I remembered all the times I was trying to read on my side in bed and my neck or wrist was hurting but the book was so good I would keep going until I was in agony. I would imagine a device that would display a page at a time in front of me and my thoughts would turn the page. Granted it was a floating holographic display in these musings I realize the Kobo is in essence that fantastical invention I dreamt about as a child/teen/adult.

Today Jeremy sent me this article about science fiction things that are now real. There are some pretty crazy things, like an invisibility cloak and spray on skin, but my favourite is number 13.

Rogue Planet Floating Through Space.

That is so awesome.

He's all "Pffft. Fuck orbiting shit. I do what I what. Peace, I'm out."

CFBDSIR2149 is bigger than Jupiter and officially the badass of planets. I'm assuming it will be given a more colloquial name, something along the lines of 'Chuck Norris'.

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