Monday, August 19, 2013

chip truck at sherwood park

Tonks had a bit of an adventure today; Jeremy took her to Sherwood Park to get microchipped. Toronto animal services is running chip trucks. It is $10 bucks to get your pet microchipped if you have a Toronto license for them. You can still do it if not it just costs more.

 We have been meaning to do this for awhile, I am addicted to welcome home videos of dogs greeting people they haven't seen in ages. It started with soldiers coming home to dogs then escalated to dogs being reunited with owners after ages and ages but were found because they were microchipped. I would be devastated if I lost Tonks, when she came home I told her there was no escaping us now.

 Jeremy took her and said she went happily with the people but jerked around when she got her needle like ' what the fu-' and then they gave her a milk bone and she was their best friend. After a quick turn around the park she wanted to go over and see them again so I don't think she is traumatized.

 There are a few more trucks scheduled this year if you have not microchipped your cat or dog I highly recommend you do so. In case they go on an adventure without you.

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