Sunday, May 16, 2004

Apartment hunt

Wow. I had no idea how many shitty apartments were in Toronto (country girl). I saw a place today that was soooooooooooooo small but was right in the heart of downtown. I'm still really torn about taking it. The price is very right too. But every place I looked at today smelled like cat pee. WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE THESE PEEING CATS??????????? I don't understand this. But I will be reconnecting with an old dear friend soon who has the know about Toronto, so maybe he can give me some pointers. As for my mentor, Maria DPD, she has abandoned me for Mexico and so I am all alone to find my place. But maybe that was meant to be. Mentors can only guide, they cannot do things for you. On a plus note I got my mother to try sushi for the first time and I tried the scary king of sushi (no California rolls here), of raw fish and genuinely like it. I am cooler than I thought.

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Maria said...

I'm sorry I deserted you. I will be checking in from Mexico though. Congratulations on your weblog.