Tuesday, May 18, 2004

scary place and new bar

Ok, I wanted to get this all in last night but when I came home inhaled a sub (the perfect sub- 6 inch steak and cheese, double meat, extra sauce, black olives and lettuce)and crashed.

anyhoo, I actually called a place and was going to go see it but as soon I mentioned the area to people at work I got the 'you're crazy' face. So I googled the intersection and lets just say I don't think I could live in a place where more than two prostitutes have been killed. So that was a bust. But the positive side is that I called a place with minimal nervousness. So today I will try again.

now, what I did end up doing last night was go out for a beer. What else is new...... I had planned on getting together with an old friend from university. Well actually, had I decided to go see the place I would have dragged him along. Anyway, went to a bar with a nice rooftop patio. Can't remember the name - help me out here Jer. I want to take Maria, no NTN but we can go for a pitcher, then head over to our home away from home, the flatiron.


Maria said...

Can't wait to be back and try this new bar you went to, though if I knew the name maybe I would know which one you're talking about. With my pub knowledge I just might have already been there.

clara* said...

you probably have you lush.

Anonymous said...
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