Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Funny seeing you here

You know how sometimes you are in a sweet place in your life and you think 'man I wish so and so could see me now'. Like just having someone see you in your everyday life that is different from the everyday life they knew you from. I had that happen yesterday. Nothing exciting but I was out having a smoke after lunch with Carol (she works with Maria) and a tour bus was in front of my work, I think they were shopping at the Eaton centre. The bus driver looked really familiar so I asked him if he did tours in Niagara falls. He said he did and I told him I used to work for the Niagara parks, he remembered me and is going to tell all my old work buddies he saw me. Not super wicked, I didn't remember his name, but cool nonetheless. Its funny I've ran into several people that I know (not from the office) just sitting outside of work. I know yonge & dundas is high traffic but c'mon its the city, you usually don't have those kind of chance meetings. What a fun universe.

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