Thursday, May 27, 2004

New place and extra sour cream

Happy is me, I have found an apartment. I move in on Sunday. I am so ecstatic, I did everything myself too, today I even set up the hydro in my name and I'll get the keys on Saturday. My parents will have to help me move in of course but I didn't have to ask them for money or anything. It's right on yonge street, like ten minutes from my work. I love it. No laundry tho, I'll either be hauling stuff to Davo's (even tho she already said no) or I'll have to find a Laundromat close by. Good thing I have a million pairs of underwear, I can put off doing laundry for a long time. hee. It might be awhile until I can afford to set up cable and internet, so I'll be staying late at work and blogging from there I guess. Small price to pay for freedom. Sigh. Everything is going to be changing so drastically in the next short while, soon Charlene (my manager) will be off on maternity leave, it'll be weird with her gone. tho I think she agrees with me that the suspense is horrible. I think i've been having sympathy labour pains too. Either that or i've got to lay of the double steak subs from subway. Speaking of food, I have discovered a wicked appetizer (all about the starters here). Went to Fionn McCools on Monday, ( I was going to go to the CN tower with Jeremy but it was 32 bucks so we went for a beer instead) and they have these Yukon gold potato wedges smothered in cheese and bacon bits. The sour cream has chives right in there and they brought me extra at for free. Maria will agree with me that it's a real it sucks having to pay exorbitant fees for extra sour cream or salsa or whatnot. Its robbery I tells ya. Don't they buy these things by the vat for like two cents?

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Maria said...

Hey, you can wash your underwear by hand!