Tuesday, July 13, 2004


I finally got to see the crazy guy that's always yelling under my window at 4 in the morning. He mostly likes to talk about the end of the world and whatnot. He was out at 730 today tho, and I was worried I'd have to walk by him, I saw people crossing the street to avoid him so I figured he was scary. He had moved on by the time I left for work but I saw him a little further up, he was pinching faces and crushing heads. Anyone who does that can't be all bad.

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Anonymous said...

Clara, because of our visit Sunday I now have a visual of the area that you see from your window. I can just picture this crazy talker pinching and crushing. Maybe you could borrow a big dog to walk to work with! I was thrilled to see your new place - you've got more room than I had imagined! You're more organized than I would be if I had all that space to myself. Take care and talk to you soon. Auntie Kay