Wednesday, July 14, 2004

crazies 2

I saw the crazy fellow again today. He walked in tandem with me all the way to work. He was on the opposite side of the street and seemed intent upon the birds apparently swarming his head but it was neat nonetheless. My favorite street person in the city so far is Michelle. I met her outside the Flatiron. I genuinely liked her but had no money so I ended up giving her 12 cigarettes. When I saw her again I was with Jeremy and we all got to chatting as he knew her from Starbucks. She left and I was struck with the urge to give her some smokes, it's the least I could do, so I ran up to her and gave her several. She smiled and told me Jesus loved me, I said I know and gave her 20 bucks. I was half in the bag mind you but all in all it was a beautiful moment.

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