Wednesday, July 14, 2004

stupid people

Any moment now I am going to snap and beat someone to death with this phone.


Maria said...

OK, as long as it's not me. You better get that headphone fast, at least it's less lethal.

denise grant said...

It's really neat to get to know you through your postings. From hanging out with you in person, I know you're kind,funny,generous and a treat for the eyes. From reading your blog,I know you apparently support the homeless, attract wackos, drink a lot, smoke a lot, and view life through a humourous perspective. All in all, I think you're swell.
I love your anonymous relative....please could we have even more intimate details about that person? I wasn't interested until she went underground. On second thought,could we have her address too?
Looking forward to seeing you Saturday--hope it's good strawberry-picking weather. By the way, I apologize for must think he has sleeping sickness.

Anonymous said...

Having to deal with the phone all day is lousy, but I already know that you must be a pretty tolerant person...after all, you're able to spend a lot of time with Jeremy. I think my mum wants to adopt you - aside from reading your new posts every day, she is the one that insisted I had to come and read everything and then post a message, so...welcome to the family! Thanks for the Turkish Delight and enjoy Mallrats! - Hayley (the lesser evil of Jer's annoying siblings)