Friday, July 16, 2004

free meal and something annoying

I went to Cafe Volo last night, a client treated me to dinner. If you know me at all you know I am not one of those people who orders salad when someone else is paying. Tho I did only get bruschetta, I tried a new kind of wine. I would never pay that much myself so I figured what the heck. It was great.

On another note, I try not to get to annoyed when this happens but I usually fail. I get into the elevator this morning with someone and they're going to a floor above mine. So I think sweet, a smooth uninterrupted elevator ride. Then the thing stops halfway to my floor and some dink gets on and presses the button to get off one floor up. This happens quite a bit. These people can't walk up one flight of stairs? C'mon.


Maria said...

Oh my God! I hate it when that happens, I was actually going to post something like this a couple of weeks ago. Why do these people do it? I hate the elevator stopping and stopping all the time. It's so annoying.

denise grant said...

Okay, I confess.
I often take the elevator one floor.
The truth is that I have knee pain some days and going upstairs is no picnic.When I see other people doing the same thing,I'm always amazed that so many of them must have the same problem!

clara* said...


clara* said...

all right denise that's ok, just don't pull that nonsense in our bulding. ;)