Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Do I ever love this movie. I couldn't sleep last night so popped it in the VCR (yeah that's right I said VCR). Brodie is my favourite. I noticed awhile ago that the magic eye picture Ethan Suplee was trying to see the whole movie was NOT a sailboat! It was two lines of shapes. From left to right there was a cross, square, circle and diamond I believe. Don't quote me on that tho. This is just one more thing that proves I'm a geek. If I ever meet Kevin Smith I'm sure I'll even point it out to him.


Anonymous said...

Seriously Clara you have to much free time on your hands. Right now I have a mental picture of you sitting infront of the tv rewinding and pausing mallrats continuosly before catching the magic eye mistake. And, although I am baffled by your actions I must also commend your attention to detail! -KT

clara* said...

actually the first time i saw it was a couple months ago and it was an mpeg file so it was easy to get it at the right spot. tho i double checked when i watched the movie the other night. i was just so darned curious.