Sunday, August 15, 2004

movies and pubs

Jer kidnapped me to see Alien Vs. Predator on Friday. It actually wasn't bad. Sure there were some corny moments but the story was great and the action very entertaining. I would see it again. one aspect of the movie reminded me of a FABULOUS movie called Cube which had a sequel called Hypercube. These are two amazing movies which I highly recommend. In fact I'll bring them one Wednesday to the in-law's. After a disappointing meal at he flatiron on Friday I was hesitant to try a new pub Saturday afternoon, but Jer refused to bring me food and made me get presentable and venture into the world. He said 'you didn't move to Toronto to sit in your apartment.' I hate it when he's right. We went to the Duke of Gloucester. Wowee. Nothing on the menu topped 9.25 and they had deep fried mars bars. If you've never had this - do so now. Drop whatever you're doing and run out to the Duke to procure some. They also had 'Joe balls' which are basically mashed potato balls with sour cream. Can you say 'Clara'? They have this hidden rooftop patio that is nestled between buildings and everyone there had a Scottish or English accent. My only complaint is that they wouldn't let me substitute mashed potatoes for the french fries that came with my club sandwich. And they offer them with other dishes. Ah well. Jer ate his bowl of Irish stew and then proceeded to clean my plate , he also bussed our table himself so I think they love him there. It's also one block from my apartment so I'll be going back.

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