Sunday, September 5, 2004

The EX

Yesterday Jer and I went to the Ex. It was great!! It was every fair and Friendship Festival I had ever been to rolled up in one. Imagine two of the biggest kids ever in candy fun game land with animals. We ate a ton of food. We hit up the Food Building as well as the usual Fair fare, y’know corn dogs and deep fried candy bars. At the Food Building I tried goat for the first time. It was curried goat and quite delish. We went into every building but I think my fav was the farm building. It smelled of hay and manure and brought back so many childhood memories. I pet a baby pig and Jer had to look at every single cow in the place. I assured him they were all pretty similar. He’s decided he want a red calf, like a pet I guess. I said okay as long as we can eat it when it gets to big. He looked horrified. When night set in we hit the games hard. Or shall I say Jer did. He spent a bloody fortune trying to win me one of those huge stuffed animals (that I sure has hell didn’t want to carry around and take on the streetcar home). One of the guys working a shooting game said for twenty bucks he could guarantee him the big prize and make it look like he won so as to impress me. I’m proud to say that, although tempted, he didn’t do it. I did end up with this great stuffed orange stingray that was won honestly at the first game Jer played on the first try. I call him Stingy. We stayed for ten hours and if not for my aching feet and back, I could’ve stayed another ten. I loved it. And tho Maria told me it was just for kids, I have a hunch she would have paid the ten-buck ticket price just to have a crack at the dozens of chicken wing places in the Food Building. That’s right, I said dozens. I plan to go every year. If I ever want one of those big stuffed animals it looks like it’s up to me and the Skee-ball.

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