Friday, September 3, 2004

Lets go blue jays

So the ballgame was great. I’ve never seen the Blue Jays play before and though they lost, there were some great plays and even a home run. The wave made it around the Skydome several times. Very exciting. We went to the Peel Pub for food and beer first. I ordered a BLT with extra mashed potatoes and Maria got chicken wings, our two favourite foods. I DID NOT FINISH MY MASHED POTATOES. You heard me. First of all they were very dry, I’m sure they made them with water and not milk. Secondly my meal came with a container of a mysterious yellowy substance. At first I thought it was sour cream then I was like ‘oh silly me it’s butter for the potatoes. It wasn’t until after I had smeared ninety percent of it onto my potatoes and taken a bite did I discover it was mayonnaise for my BLT. So dinner was a bust thanks to my blondeness, but it was a fun night. Thanks Maria, you’re always a great date. I was watching the news (well extra actually) and saw a segment on how Miss Universe’s skirt fell off during a runway walk and she bared her bum. Normally I would be like meh, but having met her I thought it was cool. I was like omigosh I’ve seen that bum in person. It was covered in denim at the time but still – neato.

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