Friday, September 3, 2004


Well today's my last day at work before my vacation. Wheeee!! I don't go back till the 14th. I'm just going to boot around the city and visit my sis for a few days. I'm going to the Ex with Jeremy this weekend....for the first time ever!! I'm so excited, Hayley and Rebecca told me of a wondrous food pavillion where magic reigns and food is it's consort. I think It's safe to say I will be spending the better part of my day there. Tonight Maria is taking me to a baseball game and we're having a beer (pitcher) beforehand. Ah Toronto. So my blogging will suffer as I don't have internet at home. I may post a bit when at Jer's place but I think I'll write up daily posts at home, save them on disk then post them when I'm back at work. Sounds good eh? I know you'll all be going mad with the suspense of not knowing what wacky adventures I'll be having, but you'll just have to wait.

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