Wednesday, September 15, 2004

matrimony bars and the world cup

Din at the in-laws was great last night. We played Password and Masterpiece. Hayley and Rebecca now share the addiction that is password. Even tho I played perfectly fair last night, I fear my storytelling has led to a mistrust when playing board games with me. What’s the point of having really clever ways to cheat if you don’t tell people about them. How will people know you’re clever? I really love the random thought processes that I witnessed and participated in last night. I need to get my family here with our password and we can have some sort of tournament. I’m sorry Denise but I don’t think I want to be your partner again. Who’s ever heard of matrimony bars ? C’mon. My night was completed by an endless cacophony of car horns and drunken cheering as I live on Yonge Street and Canada won the world cup. Oh well, that is why I moved here, to be in the thick of things. It’s all part of the dance .

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