Tuesday, October 5, 2004

almost spat upon

This morning some homeless guy asked me for a smoke (he was like the fifth one). I answered with my usual ‘sorry’ and continued on my way. Then he spat, I heard it as I passed him and I spent the rest of my walk to work in paranoia that I had spittle on the back of my leather jacket. Turns out I didn’t but still, good story. My philosophy on giving street people smokes is this: if I’m walking usually no (unless I know them, like Michelle), if I’m standing usually yes unless I’m standing in front of work or a place where I routinely smoke. If I do then they come back everyday cuz they know I’ll be there. And lastly I never, never give a smoke to kids/teens or pregnant mothers. I mean c’mon who does that? Also I would never actually take the quarter that is sometime offered to buy a smoke. I don’t think they ever expect anyone to take it, especially some business chick in a blazer. I wonder what kind of reaction I’d get if I did accept the money. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll try it next time. Not near work tho, the smoking regulars will think me cruel. Or poor. Which I am but I don’t want them knowing that. I want everyone to think I’m still wearing sandals because I’m a hardcore trendsetter, not because I can’t afford new shoes. Anyway free meal tonight so yahoo!

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