Wednesday, October 20, 2004

dinner and a movie

Shepherd’s pie for din, with peas and banana cream pie for dessert. I couldn’t finish my pie on account of my generous second helping. *Preen, preen* anyway the highlight for me was the home movies. Tho I didn’t get to see wee baby Jeremy I did get to see some awkward, angsty teenage years and the jovial annoying pest years before. So adorable he is. I find it amusing that the facial expressions and body language I see all the time were present back then. Jeremy has always said that he’s got the same voice he had when he was 12, and I always insisted that couldn’t be the case as it’s so deep and manly. Now I have proof as I’ve heard the 12-year-old tenor personally. It’s not the same, tho the laugh is nearly identical. It’s just deeper now. My only complaint is that there wasn’t enough Jeremy on the tapes. It’s mostly Rebecca (naked Rebecca), with some Hayley thrown in and Jeremy on the side. I can’t wait for them so see home movies of me. I was an adorable child but I think the movies are all shot well into my awkward phase. Three words – big pink glasses.

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