Monday, October 18, 2004

movie and pageant

On Saturday Jer and I went to see forgotten. It was good, I jumped at a few parts but it wasn’t fantastic. I recommend seeing it but it’s not necessary to do so in a theatre. That night we met up with Hayley, Rebecca and Matt and went to the next Miss Universe® Canada prelims. Um, it was interesting. I’d say all in all this group of girls isn’t as hopeful as the last to do well in the finals. Actually some of the interview answers were downright funny. I’m sure hairagorn will be much more explicit when they write about it.Sunday was lazy and I read a few books, tho I actually left my house to get food at one point. Amazing huh? I had hoped to go shoe shopping tonight right after work as I’m still wearing open toes but I left my bankcard at home. I know it’s only a 15 minute walk but once I’m home that’s it man. I can’t do it tomorrow cuz it’s din with the in-laws so I’ll have to do it Wednesday. I hear it’ll warm up a bit so no one may yet say anything about my peekaboo toes. I’m sure you’re all very interested.

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