Friday, October 22, 2004

just ducky

You must read Maria’s entry today, it’s great. Somewhat traumatic but great. It’s on par with Ingrid’s story where she ended up calling 911 after hours of debate with her family because of a spider in their closet that turned out to be her husband’s shoelace. Man I work with some great storytellers.

Maria has gotten me involved in something called
blogshares. It’s a fantasy stock market where blogs are money, so to speak. Anyway I started doing it just to claim my blogs but now inevitably, I want to be a top player and have lots of fake money. It’s like neopets, where I am strangely gratified by that icon that says ‘47 months’. Anyhoo a more experienced player was kind enough to gift me with some shares. I’ve blogrolled ValkingWinger to show my appreciation and I promise to help out newbies when I’m filthy rich.

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