Monday, October 25, 2004

the weekend

Ok, as I have no internet at home - here's the weekend rundown:
On Friday Maria and I went to the flatiron for some NTN goodness. I got to see my name up there twice as I won 2 games!! The first game I won on the last question so it was a big surprise, especially since some bar regulars who are really good were playing. There is this guy, gtw, who always gets –250 pts. We think he doesn’t know you can change your answer before the time runs out; I guess gtw doesn’t stand for ‘got to win’. When I got home Hayley was waiting for me ad she brought me goodies. Pies, spaghetti, soup and more. I love that she always works at bakeries. Saturday was a stay in bed and finish my book day and Sunday I watched a ton of movies at home. When Harry met Sally, A Few Good Men, and Hunt for Red October. All of which I’d never seen before. Of the three my fav was Hunt for Red October, which rocked. After that Jer came over and brought me fried chicken. Is it any wonder I love that boy?

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