Monday, November 29, 2004


I watched a few movies this weekend and I recommend all three. First I saw national treasure in the theatre on Saturday. We went for the 7:20 show but it was sold out to we got tickets for the next and headed up to Gabby’s for a few beer to kill time. I really like the movie. Very Raiders of the Lost Ark meets the amazing race. Even the fact that it was all about America didn't deter from the movie. The only unenjoyable thing was the jerk who kept kicking the back of my chair during the movie. I hate that. I mean really hate it. I had a few beer in me by that point and I’ve never been so close to turning around and saying something, or just standing up, sighing loudly and moving. I told Jer later on and he asked if I wanted him to make a scene. No but thanks for the offer sweetie.

On Sunday Jer brought
50 first dates over to watch. I adored this movie. Seriously, I even cried at the end. It’s not surprising I loved it so much as Wedding Singer is my favorite Adam Sandler movie ever. Sigh, Drew is dreamy. I think it’s a good philosophy if you’re in a relationship, make that person fall in love with you everyday. I asked Jeremy if he would do that for me if I had short term memory loss and he said ‘yeah, but I’d take a few days off here and there’. When I gave him ‘a look’ he said ‘well it’s not like you’d know the difference’.

Later that night we popped in
Zardoz, starring Sean Connery. This is a 1974 sci-fi /fantasy flick where Mr. Connery runs around in a neon orange onesie with his mane of jet black hair neatly braided down his back. As for the movie, think Barbarella. Sean stumbles upon this telepathic society that has evolved beyond the need for birth and death. His mortality and um, sexuality is studied by their scientists. One scientist decides to use him for breeding purposes and they even do a test to see what will stimulate an erection, as they’ve lost the ability. Sure the movies not all that great but c’mon…Sean Connery as a barbarian outlander, half naked and in high demand from a highly developed yet impotent society. That’s good stuff baby.

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