Thursday, November 25, 2004

toddlerpedes 2 and din

Wowee. Toddlerpedes are taking the world by storm. I was perusing Blamblog this morn and was surprised to see a familiar image. Remember them? Well due to their clear rise in popularity I'm going to have to get one soon before they skyrocket in price. Maybe I'll put a piece of glass on top and make it a coffee table. Or it could hold my towel right by the shower. Something interactive.

Okay. I must discuss din last night, albeit briefly. Pork with apple butter, peas and mashed potatoes. Insert slavering drool here. It was soooooo good, I had seconds and even had a bit of dessert (apple crumble with cream). Sigh. Anyway after supper we played a headbands game of our own making. We all put a name on a piece of paper (well three) and tossed it in a box, then took turns picking them and guessing. Jeremy even played. It was so much fun and we had only one person give up on a clue - you know who you are. Anyway while David was driving Jer and I home we were discussing subway jumpers, don't ask me how the conversation got there, it just did, and I decided to look into it a bit. I've found some interesting stuff but it'll be a long post so I'm actually going to work on it a bit and maybe post tomorrow. You'll just have to wait.

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