Wednesday, December 29, 2004

good to be home

Man it’s nice to be back in the city. I guess my roots are firmly entrenched here in TO; as soon as I hit downtown I go that ‘coming home’ feeling. The holidays were great tho. It was nice seeing my fam, sisters and their offspring. We ate, we talked, we shared – we ate. That’s the theme here. So five pounds heavier I’m back and looking forward to new years. I actually have something to do this year. Technically it’s work, but I’m more comfortable with that than strictly social settings anyway. Plus I’m such a loser that I’m willing to work just so I can get a kiss at midnight. I’d better.

Last night I returned to the bosom of the Jer’s family for Hayley’s birthday celebration (also I got my Christmas presents). Denise knit me a beautiful yellow and white striped scarf and made me a custom grant original mirror, Hayley got me strawberry shortcake lip balms and
calendar ( I know have all the lip stuffs – in case your feeling chapped), Rebecca got me a mug that seemed to have been ,personally made for me, also they got me the fire rose by Mercedes lackey which I have read, but do not own, and it’s the first in a series I’d like to collect. So yay all around. after gifts and gorging myself we all headed down to Gabby’s for drinks and cake. Delish.

As David was driving us home the subject of religion arose (we passed the church of scientology and wondered what made it a religion), so for those of you who’ve been curious – here’s the
Merriam-Webster definition.

also - calculate how many socks you've worn in your lifetime (per webjunkie).

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