Friday, December 24, 2004

rum and eggnog

Last night I drank rum and eggnog until my teeth got fuzzy. It was din with the in-laws without Jeremy. Tho I bombed at headbandz ( I couldn’t get Marvin the Martian, and I worked out that it was an alien villain with black skin whose nemesis was a bunny who walked on two legs…heh), I did win at marry, date or dump. I even guessed all three right for Peter, whom I’d just met. Super-genius. Aaaaaanyway, I finally found this toy that Hayley and I were going nuts to remember last night (stellar has sparked a lot of memories of toy’s from my childhood, I think I may start trying to collect them). They were called Keypers and I’m pretty sure I had the sleepy turtle, but we all know how reliable my false memory can be. I almost got this confused with snugglebums. Heh.

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