Monday, December 6, 2004

lazy ass and spa night

I admit I was a lazy ass this weekend. I pretty much sat on the couch, read or snoozed. I know this sounds great but Jeremy was over and probably couldn’t contain his amazement at my whirlwind lifestyle. Although I heard no complaints (especially about the abundant napping). We did watch some movies - The Day After Tomorrow and Snatch. the highlight for me however was ‘spa night’. I decided Jeremy needed to try my micro-dermabrasion system and also a L'Oreal VIVE Smooth-Intense Masque . The micro - derma thingy I’ve wanted to do to him since I bought it but the hair conditioner was pure impulse; he complained when I scratched his beard and said he needed to condition it. Well lucky for him I had just bought this hair mask, so I decided on an impromptu spa night and herded him toward the bathroom. I know this sounds easy but I had to use all my wits to get him to agree, and even then he had his arms crossed and a mutinous expression on his face as I exfoliated. We didn’t wait the full two minutes as he began complaining “It burns! It burns!”. When the hair mask went on there was the usual litany of complaints and curses and I had to run away from him for the 3-5 minutes it needed to set because he decided I needed to be kissed while he had a thick layer of goo on his face. When it washed out he was convinced the hair was 3 shades lighter and triumphantly waved the container at me as he read that it made hair ‘smoother and lighter’. I called him an idiot and told him it didn’t mean colour-wise. For the next hour or so he complained and pouted that his skin was itchy and his beard was blonde. The lower lip action was intense. In the end I got him to grudgingly admit that his beard was ‘a little’ softer. And that was my exciting weekend. It may not sound like much but the spa episode had me laughing for the rest of the night.

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