Tuesday, December 7, 2004

1/2 day

Yay. it's my half day so I get off work at 1:00. which is in 45minites. Yay. I’m sure I’ll just wander aimlessly around but I may go to the in-laws early (that's why I picked a Tuesday for my half day). anyway I saw on the news that the Norwalk virus has resurfaced.

genuine fear.

last time this thing came around I was barfing (and other things) like you wouldn't believe. my sister and I had it at the same time and it wasn't pretty. my mother was awoken the first night we were sick by a loud crash followed by moaning. the only thing I could stomach was water but even that had a hard time staying down. I was running to the bathroom to vomit and I didn't make it but couldn't stop my momentum, so I slipped in the water/puke and went down hard. I slammed into the fridge and was moaning piteously when my mother came out. Tho you may be laughing now it was a horrific week. today I have my purell with me and I’m using it constantly - I’m wearing it around my neck like a crucifix. If you're taking this threat lightly you just might regret it. Tho I did lose ten pounds last time……..hmmm….

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