Friday, December 17, 2004

sit-ups and wine

Last night was very depressing. I went clothes shopping. Not too long ago my biggest problem when clothes shopping was that everything I liked fit me so I had to decide for money reasons, which ones I bought. Well 50 lbs heavier things have taken a nasty turn. I was frustrated but decided to stop into Planet Aid on my way home, as I walk right by it. Well they actually had some great things and so cheap!! I was feeling better. Then as I was changing back into my own clothes in the change room......That's right, someone exposed me. They have those change rooms which are curtains drawn over an open door. I hate those damn things but hey, I had to try stuff on. I had my shirt over my head, belly hanging out, boobs escaping the prison of my too small bra - and some dink girl and her boyfriend decide that curtain being closed means the change room is empty. I was so embarrassed I booted it out of there. When I got home, after crying and having two glasses of wine, I did some sit-ups and felt better. I think I'll make it a habit. The sit-ups, not the crying and exposing myself. Ok, sit-ups and wine.

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