Monday, December 20, 2004

my mom thinks i'm cool

So tired. So hung over. So cold. These are all the things my body is capable of feeling right now. Last night was the Gabby’s staff Christmas party. We had a party bus, complete with red velvet curtains and flashing lights, and traveled around the city and other bars the entire night. Jeremy was actually drunker than me, which never happens. Like falling down drunk. It was a blast tho there were those feeling sorry for myself moments where I had to remind myself that at least my mom thinks i'm cool. This explains the ‘so tired’ and ‘so hung over’ statements. Also I went to a wedding on Saturday. It was open bar and there were several courses. For both these events I headed to winners to pick up something to wear. The first time was fine, I went with Margaret and after we headed to Hernando’s for nachos and a pitcher of sangria. Yum. The second time I went with Jer, right after a nap and had a run in with some nasty teenage girls that I wanted to punch. To be fair tho my feet did smell really bad. All in all I’m just not having good luck with change rooms these days. I think I’ll avoid them for a while. Anyhoo this weekend was a lot of fun but took a lot out of me. But hey I guess that’s what living’s all about. The ‘so cold’ I don’t have to explain. That’s what living in Canada is all about . I took the subway to work and I live two stops away. Cold. Snot freezing in your nostril cold. Anyway I’m a little discombobulated so I’ll stop here, but not before I share some interesting searches that led to my blog:

free sexy hot stories to make guy get an erection
“big fat obnoxious boss” whitney tits

Does this qualify me as a porn site?

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