Tuesday, January 25, 2005

ah, joe balls at the duke

Last night Erin, Hayley, Jeremy and myself went to the duke for joe balls and beer. What fun. I love joe balls so much it hurts. I was really pleased that Erin and Hayley seemed to like them as much as I. We were practically yelling how good they were. Ok so we were a little drunk. They came over a little later then I expected so I’d had three glasses of wine already. Then Hayley said she’s brought gin but had no mix, and I said well, last time I bought pop I bought wink for some reason and I can’t drink it – but everyone knows it’s great with tanqueray. So by the time Jeremy came over after work he had 3 unsteady lovelies on his hands. It was great.

A client got me one of those balloons filled with sand so I can squeeze it when filled with rage due to morons on the phone. I already got to try it out this morning. A women called at 9 and was supposed to be in court at nine. She said she was stuck in traffic and was late. Then she asked me what she should do. Um, get there as fast as you can? I think she wanted me to say it was okay if she just went home and forgot about it. Am I the common sense dispenser? If you’re late for something what should you do? Keep going bonehead. I hope this balloon thing has receptionist strength rubber.

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