Monday, January 24, 2005

goodbye fievel

On Denise’s birthday this weekend I taught her how to play video games and now she’s an unstoppable machine. I can’t wait till Tuesday when we can have a Mario party rematch. Also I can give her the creepy birthday gift I didn’t get to yesterday on account of the blackout downtown. My apartment was not effected in case anyone was wondering. Fievel and I are alright, tho I did get mouse poison so Fievel’s days of being ‘alright’ are numbered.

After we got home Hayley, Theo and Erin dropped by to show us how drunk they were and partake of the box of wine before heading out for more hi jinx. How do I know that hi jinx would ensue? Well Hayley borrowed my black wig and red lipstick. Wigs + alcohol = more lack of inhibition that anyone should ever experience. Especially if you have very little self control to begin with. This is why I have to be very careful when and where I don a wig. Heh.

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