Thursday, February 17, 2005

ntn victory & emasculating two strangers

Last night Maria and I headed to the Flatiron for a couple pitchers. Naturally we played ntn. Usually, aside from friendly ribbing with Maria, I don’t care about beating anyone. Last night, however, I was determined to win. Well as long as Maria or I won I would be happy, we’re like a team. When we arrived there was a game in progress and two guys with ntn accounts from another bar were playing. They obviously won, having a head start. Then the next game started. For the rest of the night Maria and I DOMINATED the game. After the first two games (movies and philosophy quotations – Maria won both, I was second in both), one of the guys started complaining loudly that ‘of course the woman won with those for categories’. Apparently we have the edge in these categories ladies. He wanted a general knowledge category or something guy-ish. So when sci-fi came up they were quite vocally pleased. And guess who won. That’s right CLARA!! Maria was #2. I went out for a smoke and some random bar guy was there. He looked at me and said ‘you guys are really kicking their asses’. Thank you nice stranger man. Last game I played was a general knowledge one – what one of the guys was clamoring for all evening. And oh, what was that? Oh yeah – CLARA = #1. Sigh. It was so great. They were so clearly pissed that we were winning, we couldn’t resist shattering their collective manhood. When we won we clapped and when they lost we ‘ooooohed’.

This morning Maria told me that she stayed for another round and was #1.

I love it.

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