Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Holy shiiite! While innocently perusing my blogroll this morn I found an interesting site via Mary -!!!. I've added it to my links section. I went to highschool with Val and had heard from Maddy that she was in Toronto ‘doing music stuff’, but I had no idea. I saw from her past shows that she was at C’est What? in January. Too bad I missed that, it’s so close to home. Now I’ll have to venture out to Mitzi's Sister to see her in March. I can’t wait. If she’s like most people and improves with age, I won’t be disappointed. This lyrical minx was wailing wondrous like all get out years ago, I can only imagine what she’s up to now. What a small freakin world we live in.

Mmm, world.

Yes - these are pictures of me that have nothing to do with this post, but Val-talk makes me feel all artsy. Mmmmm, duotone.

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