Tuesday, February 15, 2005

valentine's din = delish

So I did end of making din last night. It was delish. They were very simple recipes and me being lazy and out of service for a year – I decided that was safest. I made an Asian beef noodle dish and crab & cream cheese wontons. Mmmmmmmm…..

I have leftovers for lunch today, I ended up making large portions. When I started cooking I realized that I forgot cooking oil to fry the wontons, so I called Jer and asked him to bring some. No big deal I can get everything ready and fry 'em up when he gets here. I soon realized, however, that I also needed a can opener. Heh. So I called Jer again. When he arrived we found out that the can opener did not work – so I sent him out to buy one and get a bottle of wine. The new one ended up not working either but before I could despair I found MY can opener. It was on my counter. So this set dinner back a wee bit and I had to enlist Jeremy’s help in stuffing the wontons. He did wonderfully.

As for me, Jeremy brought me flowers.

It was a huge bouquet so I ended up putting a smaller arrangement and a single rose in someother cool vases I had. Spread the beauty baby.

We watched love actually and tho I agree it is a good movie I will never watch it again. My eyes were so red from crying that it looked like they were bleeding. I’m serious. Shudder. Anyway valentine’s turned out alright tho I’m a little concerned as to my emotional state. I hardly think mysteriously yours could be to blame but ever since then I’ve been a little off. Not crazy per say – more like pity-party time. Shrug.

Going to the grocery store (one I’ve never been to) BY MYSELF, cooking dinner (recipes I’ve never tried) for the first time in over a year and getting a bouquet of flowers all seem to have gone a long way in bringing me back around. Some more presents and maybe some mashed potatoes would probably do the trick. Anyone?

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